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Tendino-muscular Channels

Tendino-muscular Meridians for Fibromyalgia and Cellulite

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Deborah Valentine Smith, AOBTA®-CI, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), L.M.T.

Senior Teacher/Practitioner, Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Accupressure®

Both Fibromyalia and Cellulite are conditions which predominantly concern women. From the TCM perspective, they are related to stagnant Qi and Blood. Until recently, fibromyalgia was relegated to the ranks of many women's issues as psychosomatic - which means imaginary - until drugs were developed to treat it. Cellulite was and still is considered to be a "cosmetic" issue and handed over to the plastic surgeons who attempt to vacuum it away with liposuction. After years of working with women around these issues, I consider this attitube to be primitive at best and perhaps even dangerous. 


About the Tendino-muscular Meridians (TMMs)

These meridians are part of the complete system of energy pathways used by acupuncture and acupressure alike. The old term for these energy pathways was "Sinew Meridians." The word "sinews" referred to the tendons and could be used to denote "the source of strength, power, or vigor."  The TendinoMuscular Meridians (TMM) of Chinese Medicine traverse the fascia and nourish all major muscle groups along a trajectory that is more superficial and more detailed than the principal meridians.
From her experience with shiatsu, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy  and therapeutic massage, Deborah Valentine Smith has developed a technique that opens the meridian pathways in the fascia without pain. The improvement of the circulation of Qi and Blood  further assists the body's own healing process.  The core of the technique is gentleness and a commitment to follow the wisdom of the body.  The practitioner develops sensitivity to the tissue so that the holding patterns  that have the job of protecting against further pain are 
mollified. This gentle technique can address conditions like fibromyalgia, cellulite, muscle strain and soft tissue injury with minimal discomfort. The work is also practically effortless for the practitioner because as it opens the planes of fascia along the energy pathways, it enlists the Qi  in the process, much like 
water flowing through a hole in a dam continues to widen the hole.

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